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 Click on pictures for a more detailed view of the stitch steps

 The Alton Loop

ALoop - Step 1 -  Fig. 1 Step 1

Bring the loop up at start point.  Lay hoop on flat surface to have hands free.  Stretch ribbon out straight.  Place the tip of the needle across the ribbon, to the desired length of the stitch.  Fold ribbon forward over the needle (loop made).  Hold ribbon with left pointer below the needle.

Alton Loop - Step 2 - Fig2 Step 2

Pierce both the folded top ribbon and the ribbon beneath.  Pick up the hoop and pull the needle through.

Alton Loop - Step 3 - Fig. 3 Step 3

When the ribbon is nearly taught, and the curl of the Japanese ribbon stitch visible . . . stop!  This will leave a loop at the top of the stitch.  You will also notice that the curl is reversed.

   The Alton Loop - Variation 1 - Five Petal Flower
Alton Loop - Variation 1 - Five Petal Flower - Fig. 1 Step 1

Work 3 loops from the same start point.


Alton Loop - Variation 1 - Five Petal Flower - Fig. 2

Step 2

Center 2 loops in front of the first 3 starting just below the first center point.

  The Alton Loop - Variation 2 - Floral Spikes
Alton Loop - Variation 2 - Floral Spikes Begin with 3 straight stitches (left, right and center).   Beginning each new stitch just below the previous one, work 1 loop center, 1 angled left, then 1 angled right.  Repeat this order until the desired length is achieved.  Finish with one loop at center.

  The Alton Loop - Variation 3 - Tubular Flora (Foxglove)
Alton Loop - Variation 3 - Tubular Flora (Foxglove) In this variation, begin at the bottom and work layers upward.  You may stitch a stalk segment first and attach blooms to it.  

Make one straight stitch, then work one Loop stitch (with the up-point at the top of the straight stitch) over it.  Work 3 of these above the starting row, then a series of progressively smaller straight stitches above that angle down at first, then progressively angle upward to the top of the spike.

   The Alton Loop - Variation 4 - Full Blooming Flora 
           (Marigolds, Peonies, etc.)
Alton Loop - Variation 4 - 1st. Round For this variation, begin by marking a circle on the fabric. 
In this example, a 3/8" button was traced.  

1st. Round:   

Begin inside the circle and make Loop stitch over the circle marking, with the down-point of the stitch outside the circle.  

Continue stitching Loops evenly around, placing stitches so that the top edges of the Loops are even.

Alton Loop - Variation 4 - 2nd. Round 2nd. Round:  

Work a second layer of Loop stitches, having the starting point of the stitches 1/16" below the first round.  

Be careful to hold the fabric and ribbon stitches of the first row between thumb and index finger when taking the needle down, as you will be going though several layers and do not want to pull the stitches of the first round out of place.
Alton Loop - Variation 4 - 3rd. Round 3rd. Round:  

This round will fill the center.  To attain the fullness desired, measure the ribbon out longer on the Loops, the fold being even to the top of the round before, and take the needle down closer to the center.  This will encourage the ribbon Loop to sit higher.  

If any bare spots remain at center, you can insert the tip of the needle through the Loop, and very gently pull it toward the center.  This will force a tiny portion of the ribbon onto the back section of the Loop, and make it stand higher!


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