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 Click on pictures for a more detailed view of the stitch steps

  Basic Cast-on Stitch

This stitch adds wonderful dimension!  Brazilian by nature, it is highly adaptable to many variations.  Different threads, placement and number in the grouping can all  be varied to create stunning results. 
Cast-on Stitch - Fig. 1

1. Begin by bringing thread up at A.

Insert needle tip at B and out again at A, pushing the needle through so that just the eye remains topside at B. Wrap thread across front of pointer finger and around the back of it to form a loop (as in knitting). Insert the tip of the needle into the loop, remove your finger, and pull the loop down to the base of the needle (at A).

Cast-on Stitch - Fig. 2

2. Continue adding Cast-on stitches until you have the required number.

Hold the stitches on the needle flat to the fabric with thumb topside and index finger underneath, and pull the needle through and away from you until all of the thread is through the Cast-on loops

Cast-on Stitch - Fig. 3

3. Slowly pull the needle/thread toward you and slide the Cast-on wrap down the remaining thread toward B. 

Insert needle at B and pull all thread through the fabric. Give a firm tug on the thread to "set" it.

This completes one Cast-on section.


  Cast-on Stitch - Carnation:

Cast-on Stitch - Fig. 4 4. Begin at the top right side of the point where your carnation will be.

Work the 1st section as shown in stitch instruction, then work the 2nd section centered over the end point of the first (shown as 2). Work the 3rd section centered over the end of the 2nd section (shown as 4).
Cast-on Stitch - Fig. 5

5.   Begin the 2nd row below the center of section 1 of Row 1.

Work 2nd section of Row 2 centered over the end point of section 1.

6. To complete the flower, work one section below Row 2, centered over the two sections.



  Carnation Greenery:

Cast-on Stitch - Fig. 6

Work Satin stitch the width of the 3rd Row section in a triangular shape. Make a running stitch line for the stem, then whipstitch it to finish. Add two bullion stitch leaves as shown, using a tacking stitch over the bullion to keep it in position.



  Cast-on Stitch - Cable 
Cast-On Stitch - Cable This variation is a personal favorite!

In this example, the stitch is worked overlapping (see Cast-on Carnation - Step 1) in a line along a seam on a Crazy Quilt piece.  The finished line takes on the appearance of a cable.


  Cast-on Stitch - Scallops

Cast-on Stitch - Scallops In these examples, the Cast-on Stitches are worked side by side, along the seam, and a bead has been stitched into the center. Cast-on Stitch - Scallops

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