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  The Griffin Rosebud




The Griffin Rosebud




This wonderful stitch was created by Mary Anne Griffin.  She has graciously allowed me to present the instructions here!

I have also added two alternate greenery methods that I have used with the Griffin Rosebud.

 Click on pictures for a more detailed view of the stitch steps

 Steps 1 - 5  detail Mary Anne's steps as originally shown by her.

Griffin Rosebud - Fig. 1    Step 1

   Padded Straight Stitch

Griffin Rosebud - Fig. 2    Step 2  

   Add Single-wrapped French Knot

Griffin Rosebud - Fig. 3-1    Step 3

   Add the first side Ribbon Stitch


Griffin Rosebud - Fig. 3.2    Step 3A

   Pull ribbon to back to slightly curl edge

Griffin Rosebud - Fig. 4.1    Step 4

   Add other side Ribbon Stitch Step

Griffin Rosebud - Fig. 4.2    Step 4A

   Pull ribbon gently back to slightly curl edges

Griffin Rosebud - Fig. 5.1    Step 5

   Add Fly Stitch to base of rosebud.

  Alternate Greenery
Fly Stitch with Long Rolled Stem 
Griffin Rosebud - Fig. 5.2 Work the Fly Stitch side sections and bring needle up at  base of rose.

Twirl the needle clockwise between thumb and finger 5 to 7 times (depending on ribbon length...fewer times for shorter ribbon).

Insert  needle into fabric at desired end point of the stem and pull needle through.  Add Ribbon Stitch leaves if desired.


Satin Stitch Base / Whipped Backstitch Stem / Bullion Sepals & Leaves 
Griffin Rosebud - Fig. 5.3
Work Satin Stitching at the base of the bud as shown.  Work a line of Backstitch then Whipstitch over it for the stem.

Work 3 Bullion Stitch sepals: one each at left, center and right.  Each of the outer bullion should catch the edge of the ribbon to tack in place.  

The center stitch is worked through the ribbon, and may compact the flower slightly; you can use the blunt end of your needle to lift the ribbon up from beneath.
Work 2 Straight Stitches for leaf stalks, and 2 Bullion Stitches for each leaf (or add Ribbon Stitches if you prefer).

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