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YLI Corporation                                      

       Explore all YLI has to offer to unleash your imagination!

        Metallics and add sparkle to your creativity!

  Ed Mar                                                       

       Leaders in Dimensional Embroidery

Silk Ribbon List Web Site 
       Join our Gang to learn more about SRE

Mary Anne Griffin’s Web Site   

       Creator of the Griffin Bud,  Mary Anne is a friend and fellow designer!  
       Visit her site for SRE supplies, patterns & more!

Terry Albright                        

Terry Albright is a friend and fellow designer who also does amazing hand blown glass!
       See icicles, ornaments and delicate glass leaves at her site!

Textured Treasures                           
        Karen Dudzinski is a friend and fellow designer who offers beautiful &
        unique needlework projects & kits on her site!
Victoria Clayton                        

        Hand Dyed Ribbons - Great source for supplies

Jeanmarie Brucia             
Brazilian Embroidery and more - EdMar Source

Sharon Boggon’s
        Stitch Dictionary

        Great instructional site with actual pictures of stitch creation!       A 'must save' site!

  CDA’s Ribbon              
       Stitch Instructions

       Ribbon stitch instructions at a click!

Rissa Peace’s Site            
      Roses & more! 
 Ribbonworks Stitch Dictionary
      This will link you to the 1st of 4 pages of ribbon stitches!
  Web Site of our fearless Leader              
      A friend and fellow designer.  Unique needlework supplies & accessories
  Original CQ Kellie



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