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Marie Alton

Rose  Welcome                        

       A Little About Me . . .

                Marie Alton

              Pickering, Ontario, Canada


Some of you already know me, but for those of you who donít, let me tell you a little about myself.

I discovered Silk Ribbon Embroidery  (SRE) in 1994, when I found a wonderful book on the subject by Judith Baker Montano.  I immediately became enamored with this beautiful art form . . . and decided to give it a try.  I became completely addicted!

A designer by nature (including original knitted and crocheted works) I began to design my own patterns using silk ribbon.  I have created and sold hundreds of SRE pieces through retail venues and craft shows, where I found a growing clientele for my creations.  

A few years later, my husband and I acquired a computer, and a whole new world unfolded!  I found more SRE enthusiasts, and was glad for the chance to find out more about what others were doing and to share what I was doing with them.  I met other designers who kept insisting that I should be submitting my creations to magazines for publication.

In early 1999, I did just that . . . and was invited to submit a sample of my work to the Needle Worker magazine.  With a hope and a prayer I forwarded my first piece to the editor, Deanna Hall West, and was thrilled when she informed me that the magazine did, in fact , want to publish this and two other pieces!  It was a dream come true!  The 'Silk Ribbon Boudoir Set' was presented in the Oct./Nov. 2000 issue!

Since then I've had several other articles published: the Melanie Rose stitch debuted in the Spring/Summer 2001 issue of Quilting Arts magazine; the Flower Basket Brooch was featured in the May/June 2002 issue of Piecework magazine (in the NeedleWorker section) and the November/December 2002 issue of same featured a Silk Ribbon Frame, which was a collaborative effort with Deanna Hall West (from her pattern, I stitched the model and penned the instructions).

During this time, I was also creating and publishing my own designs that were featured on this site and happily supplying patterns and kits to a multitude of SRE enthusiasts.

These days......I have a very demanding full-time career in retail.....and simply do not have the time to create as I used to, or to compose those kits.  I do hope that I may resume doing so some I truly enjoyed making so many Stitchers happy!

I am planning....and have actually begun working on a collective of patterns which I hope to release sometime in the future.  I know many of you out there have anticipated this for years, and hope that when this work is completed that your patience will have been rewarded.

I thank all of you who have visited my site and enjoyed my offerings over the years!  I look forward to sharing new things with you again in the future!

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